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Sep 15, 2010 7:00am PDT
quote o'donnell, such a treat to have you with us. >> glad to be here. >> thanks. >> thanks. >> the two-hour season premiere of "ncis: los angeles" airs: harry? >>> moms and dads sometimes need help in the kitchen so why not get the kids involved? cat cora is teaming with the mup mets in two new video series,
Sep 1, 2010 8:30am PDT
the time to be here and work so hard to get us here. i have nothing more to say, thank good from your perspective, except again to say thank you and particularly to the planning department for all of their work and to c.p.w. for their stewardship of this process and just get ready, caesar chavez is going to be exciting and leyland and you are going to see on 19th a similar effort very soon. thank you very much for coming out. [applause] >> thank you, mr. mayor. speaking of businesses like this, being in the midst of a construction project for many months can be challenging for small businesses, and i think all of the businesses up and down this stretch of valencia can attest to the fact that it was challenging and we worked hard to make it as smooth and quick as possible so they could be the beneficiaries with the rest of the neighborhood. i want to again acknowledge mike gillotti the contractor who built all of this. they did a great job. given the conditions we had they got done faster than we thought they would. i pt want to acknowledge our buu of construction management and p
Sep 26, 2010 10:00pm PDT
circumstances, sometimes crushingly difficult, have brought many of us here at last to laguna honda. not at last for some of us. despite all differences, we need the healing that laguna honda is famous for. some people who come will be rehabilitated and will leave sunday. others will need 24-hour care for the rest of their lives, and so they will look forward to spending time in the spending -- in this building for years to come. it is exciting to have a new building. it is even more exciting to receive a new model of care, care that is resident centered, care that honors each person as an individual instead of a body in a bed. care that involves talking to us, and more important, listening to us, hearing our voices. so many have worked so hard, has you have been told -- as you have been told, to bring the state to pass. and now we have a dazzling new setting to present to you. when you leave today, you will be going home. but laguna honda residents will not be leaving. this is our home. and it is very important to us. we are already here. but please come back and visit us frequently. th
Sep 13, 2010 5:00am PDT
members, the elected officials. come up to the party and stay here with us. >> who says asians don't have rhythm? that's it,on't have rhythm? that's it, ladies and gentlemen, for the kickoff performance for asian-pacific american heritage month. thank you very much for coming. we hope to see you at the reception. good night! >> the mayor, the office of workforce development, kick off a new program which is to engage some of the artists in reinvigorating the streetscapes. organized in partnership with neighborhood based economic development organizations, the art in storefronts taps into the incredible creativity of the artist community to help improve the quality of life and the business climate in poor neighborhoods. the tenderloin, central market, they view, and the mission's 24 st.. at the launch party, the mayor released the first of 13 projects located on taylor and market street. we were there to capture the celebration and to get a closer look at the newly transformed storefront. >> we have an analyst at saying, you know what, we get it. if we close out and we put some p
Sep 21, 2010 4:00pm PDT
members, the elected officials. come up to the party and stay here with us. >> who says asians don't have rhythm? that's it,on't have rhythm? that's it, ladies and gentlemen, for the kickoff performance for asian-pacific american heritage month. thank you very much for coming. we hope to see you at the reception. good night! >> weren't they great? i think they deserve another round of your thanks. they are thurgood marshall high school like school crew. -- light show crew. they were formed to demonstrate asian culture through the art of glow sticks. glow sticks are synonymous with the buyer dancing from hawaii. they did a great job with those close sticks. -- with those glow stick. i am going to serve as your mc. the first rule of thumb i get to ask of all of you is please turn off your cell phones. we would really appreciate it if you could check right now to see that yourself bones are on silent mode are completely off. -- that your cell phones are completely off or on silent mode. we have some great performances coming up. they deserve your attention. we ask you the favor to
Sep 16, 2010 4:30am EDT
people did not send us here to just think about our jobs, they sent us here to think about theirs. >> the president wants families making less than $250,000 to keep their tax cuts. those making more will lose them. republicans say that everyone needs a break. >> extend all of the tax cuts. raising taxes is a wrong prescription for an ailing economy. >> hundreds of steel workers in ohio have found out that their plant will remain idle. >> there were about their jobs and help it will take care of their families. >> foreclosure numbers show that lenders to bat more homes since the start of the crisis. even some democrats say this is not the time for change. >> given the security of the economy, all of the bush tax cuts should be extended. >> 31 house democrats at a letter to the leadership asking them to extend the tax cuts for everyone. president obama says the country cannot afford it. >>> the white house has found its wall street regulator. elizabeth warren will report to the treasury department and will not need senate confirmation. >>> there are more burial mixups at arlington n
Sep 7, 2010 8:30pm PDT
about, again, quality of life. i want to congratulate everyone who worked so hard to get us here. this took a lot of time, a lot of money, and at the end of the day, what did we prove? that you can delay things, but you cannot and things, so it is in the spirit of that recognition that there was a delay, but there is now a real progress that we are going to see things really take off. i'm really proud of all our team behind me and those that were in the city attorney's office, the planning department, and other agencies. final point, what i think it's also important to note, when we had that partial injunction lifted a number of months back, you saw how quickly you part of public works went to work, the department of traffic went to work. mark my words -- you have seen nothing yet. they are ready to go, full-time commitment, a real energetic effort over the next few years. this is not going to be a big fish start -- fit/start. this is not something we're going to announce and and see people move away to complete other work. we will be doing along the lines of what portland -- i love po
Sep 21, 2010 11:30pm PDT
thanks and gratitude for all the work hard to get us here. i want to thank those just once again, the secretary, for his willingness to think differently and look differently at this project. this project was dead many many times, but it was because of his willingness to look at this in a new light and consider things that previous secretaries of the navy had not considered because of the great work of his staff and both the department of defense and because, more importantly, of the incredible commitment, not just passing interest, speaker ned to pelosi, who started this thing through three presidential administrations, secretaries of navy, mayors like me that come and go, members of the board of supervisors, treasure island development authority that stuck it out for all this time. to nancy pelosi, thank you yet again. what a remarkable effort. you deserve an enormous amount of credit. we thank you. we are proud of you. this is a big deal. on top of that, hunters point, which was a big deal. trans a terminal, doyle drive, the bay bridge. this is just getting things done. it is
Sep 12, 2010 6:00am EDT
. thank you very much for being here with us today, and we look forward to seeing all of you in special collections and the eugene mcdermott library here at the university of texas at dallas. thank you again. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] >> here is a look of some of our politics programming today. at 6:30 p.m. we will have the massachusetts governor's debate. at 9:30 p.m. we will have the new hampshire republican senate primary debate. >> that is exactly what you told that lady. >> that is not what i said. >> this is stuff i have talked about that nobody else has talked about. >> let's talk about results. we have more consolidation in this administration than any other administration. i will name three. we just combine three of the agencies involved in economic development. we do not need that unnecessary duplicate -- duplication. that is just one example. there are many. i am talking about results. tim has talked about the pension system. we are the only ones to have gotten it done. >
Sep 26, 2010 9:00pm PDT
getting us out of your on-time -- out of here on time. i appreciate the lead for a really great organization. for those of you interested in district 6, we are having a debate here on october 7, 6:00 here. thank you very much. [applause] >> we are just going to say good night here. one more paragraph. on behalf of the league of women voters and our partner organizations, the potrero hill organization of businesses, the dog patch organization, the university of california san francisco, media sponsors nbc bay area -- we are proud to be here -- san francisco government television and educational access tv, and certainly, our thanks to the candidates for participating and thanks to you for being here tonight, informing yourself, being good citizens of san francisco. good night, everyone. [applause] >> good afternoon, everyone. if you would take your seats for this incredibly happy occasion. i am the director of the san francisco department of public health, and i want you to think back 13 years, because that is when i began. and when i started, the very first crisis i had to deal w
Sep 14, 2010 4:00am PDT
caregivers here, john loved. i want to take that moment and reflect on his contribution. let us also take a moment to reflect on the doctor. we are blessed. you do not want to be the best of the best. you want to be only the one who does what you do. his commitment to public health in san francisco is second to none. he has done an extraordinary job leading by example. this is a city that is doing things that no other city in the united states of america could even imagine doing, things that even when we had all the resources in the world and all the capacity, things that cities could not do. this commitment to an acute care, facility, a skilled nursing facility -- what county is having a ribbon cutting on a new nursing facility in this modern age? and what city and county can lay claim to comprehensive universal health care, regardless of pre- existing conditions, regardless of your ability to pay? dr. mitch kastz has been the architect of all of this. thank you for your leadership. there is the old play towline that if there is any hope for the future of those with lanterns will pa
Sep 21, 2010 9:00pm PDT
the bonds that brought us here. i want to thank in particular the leadership of the city attorney, who in some ways is responsible for us being here because she created that impetus to initiate a federal lawsuit against a tobacco company back when few people thought there was any hope and that there should not be much expectation of success. she carried that torch. she succeeded in that effort. she moved on, but she did not move away. she not only created the framework that allowed us to generate, all told, $141 million that contributed to this project today because of that tobacco settlement, but she said it is one thing to have a bond and another thing to have a settlement. minutes and equipment. we need new things to provide dignity that this building's physical architecture can supply. that is louise gray. thank you, louise, for your extraordinary leadership. when mitch was referencing -- it is interesting. i was elected mayor and one of the first stops i had was, literally, within 7 feet of where i am standing here today, but it was just dirt. that was the groundbreaking for this.
Sep 4, 2010 8:30am PDT
-- dr. mitch katz, who deserves so much credit for getting us here. i think the commission behind me for their stewardship, and to all the men and women at work in this remarkable place that change people's lives each and every day. 100,000 direct lives are changed, but every time i come here, i realize you are not just saving patients. you are taking care of families, mothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, mothers, brothers. i have seen it too many times, the faces of those parents. i cannot even keep a straight face because it is so difficult to see someone in pain, but to see the pride on their face because of the job you have done. i'm just happy we are here to extent that magic, to share our values in a most meaningful and substantive way. i'm glad to kick off this remarkable institution that combines the best of san francisco. congratulations to all of us for being here today. thank you, mr. mayor. -- >> thank you, mr. mayor. when i needed for this project to go forward to the voters, i needed first the help of the san francisco family. the vote, 11-0 in favor. that shows a tremendou
Sep 4, 2010 8:00pm PDT
with us. the mayor was here, other dignitaries. at the time, we were looking at the oil drive -- doyle drive. we now have a different project for the 21st century. it is an example of what partnership and inventiveness and the full participation of the amazing community of san francisco residents can do to create a project that is really worthy of the amazing natural setting of the presidio park, the largest urban park in the park system. let me start by making some acknowledgements. we have some speakers who i will introduced in a moment, but i am very pleased to welcome to the event, dan representing the speaker's office. i would also like to have very much thank christine from senator feinstein's office, as well as mega miller, a field representative team for senator boxer. in that knowledge and then come i want to the knowledge and leadership of both senators and their vision for how important this project is from the first moment, they have been a steadfast force in washington, d.c. for us. together with the speaker, they have been a formidable set of champions for this were the p
Sep 7, 2010 5:00am PDT
. we are already here. but please come back and visit us frequently. this wonderful new laguna honda would not exist without you. i just want to add a personal note. my younger sister, emily, was a resident here for many more years than i have been. she was greatly loved. we lost her recently. i would like to dedicate this speech to her and remembered her, as many of the residents do, with great fondness and affection. thank you all. [applause] >> i would like to invite you all nowi that good enough? this is a participatory ribbon cutting. it requires nothing more complicated than this. i will ask you to count down, not up. upon conclusion, we will applaud the great works of turner construction, the dedicated men and women who are still toiling inside to get this project completed, which begs the question when will the residents be moving in that? there is an easy answer -- soon. [laughter] [crowd chants a countdown] [applause] go ahead in an orderly manner. >> weren't they great? i think they deserve another round of your thanks. they are thurgood marshall high school like school cr
Sep 7, 2010 5:30pm EDT
baltimore workinn on new crime plan. crimm and justice reporter joy ús here to tell us how they are fighting back by counting on a higher power. joy in. >> call it spiritual war fare. plan to fight crime that% involves church, politician and police. >>>in christ name we ppay, amen. >>reporter: under operation good faath churches take responsibility for the 4 block that surround themmas well as the blook in front of them. it is called 4 plus 1. it ammunts to churches having -úmembers walling these streets on a nightly baais. rebuilding relationships with úhe community in hopes of getting criminals locked up. the newwcrime plan has already taken hold in some part of east baltimore and pollce say in thoss areas peace has been restored as fear dissipates. >> fear is decreased by the citizen.. the residents also seeing the crimmnal element -úleave the community. not úhowing upsetting up ssop. go out to and from without getting out of the car and who is going to rob them today or hit them in the head. >>repooter: councilman stoke whose helped organize today's work session saas this is
Sep 18, 2010 9:30pm PDT
>> good morning, everyone, and thank you for joining us. it is my pleasure to be here with our regional fta administrator and our commissioner from san francisco who sits on the metropolitan transportation commission. we have a new development in terms of the muni metro system, one of which is the beginning of the card installation system. we have nine stations that will be receiving newgate's. and we will be adding another 19 disabled fare gates. what we are attempting to do here is replace the infrastructure that has well tapped is useful life in terms of our fair gates, and we are cobbling that at the same time with a nuclear program, which you all should be aware of and which is the regional smart card that will be used throughout the area for public transit trips in the region. the new ticket vending machines -- we have purchased 40 of those ticket vending machines. customers should be able to go to any metro station and purchase tickets that can be used on all of the systems in the metro region. they are multi-lingual machines. they speak in english as well as spanish and
Aug 31, 2010 5:20pm PDT
them all out and right now i would make that vote to throw us out. having us here on a full-time basis if we can't solve this problem we're not worth having here. >> reporter: if there's no budget by friday this will be the second longest budget delay in the state history. >>> the bay area is, once again, watching apple. nbc bay area business and tech reporter scott budman says apple may change the way we watch television. they've already changed the way we buy and listen to music and talk on the phone so why not? >>> apple's invitation they sent out hinted music so we're likely to see changes to the ipod. but what's stirring up interest is how the company is changing its apple tv service possibly rolling out new ways to download contents from the internet. the "wall street journal" said apple will unveil a new plan to let you rent tv shows from abc xand or ffo 99 cents an episode. we'll let you know what's new tomorrow. apple's shares a bit higher ahead of tomorrow's event. but overall, consumer kofgs a bit higher but not enough to support a strong rally. today they ordered the
Sep 8, 2010 9:30pm PDT
talked about. that brings us here today, her success, and that is how we have to address this to get the nation moving again. it is very exciting to work with speaker pelosi, senator boxer, senator feinstein on these huge projects. we have always believed california is on the cutting edge. being here in this great city with this great leadership is once again the proof that we are on the cutting edge. thank you for the vision of the transportation secretary as well for recognizing that. [applause] >> thank you. now it is with great pleasure that i introduce senator barbara boxer, who from the beginning, has worked on the transbay project. a forceful advocate for families, children, consumers, the environment, and state of california, barbara boxer became a u.s. senator in 1993 after 10 years of service in the house of representatives. elected to a third term in 2004, she received more than 6.9 million votes, the highest total for any senate candidate in history. a liter on environmental protection, she is the first woman to chair the u.s. senate's environmental and public works commi
Sep 12, 2010 8:00am PDT
made. we have departments assigned here, so you will be getting a call from us. mayor newsom: animal welfare and patrol? you guys were sent out, and you have been helpful. thank you. if you could just let us know a little bit about what you have done. >> our apartment was on standby as early as 8:00 last night. we reached out to our counterparts in san mateo county, the peninsula humane society, and offered our assistance. this morning around 10:00, we got a request for help, and we sent two units with animal control officers to canvass the area in san bruno 4 lose rolling heads and/or assist in any way that we could. our officers are still in the field dealing with that right now. mayor newsom: anything from a medical examiner perspective? you avail yourself to your colleagues down there. >> [inaudible] resources that we could put on standby in case there were more fatalities than the san mateo coroner's office could handle. we put one investigator and one van on standby. we have been in contact with the san mateo county coroner's office. this time, they have not need the assistance
Sep 19, 2010 5:00am PDT
this fascinating conversation in just a moment. please come back and join us here on mosaic ,, welcome home, man. >>> for more information on the year of civil discourse please contact the jewish community relations council at ... >>> welcome back to mosaic i am rabbi wise. we are joined by abby the associate director to have jewish community relations council and rachel a mediator. you were going to tell us about a case study. >> yeah, here is one perform of many, a recent temple where people were angry over an israel support statement in the temple many people were going the leave the rabbis who also are quite diverse in their opinions brought everybody together we did some really great work the jcrc consulted and within just two short meetings of two hours each, these people came together and created a statement, where there was deep -- unanimous agreement actually. and this was so polarized it took them a year of threatening to leave before they were able to come together and finally get underneath and get to the fears and get to what was really important and they found
Sep 27, 2010 11:00pm PDT
looks like it will in the national league west. >> thanks. >> "nightline"up next. for all of us here, thanks for joining >> "nightline"up next. for all of us here, thanks for joining us everyone. see you tomorrow.
Sep 16, 2010 4:30am EDT
at the end of the year. >> the american people didn't send us here to just think about our jobs. they sent us here to think about theirs. >> reporter: the president wants families making less than $250,000 a year to keep those tax cuts. those making more, to lose them. republican leaders say everyone needs the break. >> extend all of the current tax rates because raising taxes on anyone, especially small businesses, is the wrong prescription for an ailing economy. >> reporter: the unemployment rate stands at 9.6%, including hundreds of steelworkers in ohio, who just found out their plants will remain idle through at least the end of the year. >> most of the men are scared. they're worried about their jobs. >> reporter: new foreclosures out this morning from realitytrack, showed last year lenders took more than any homes since the mortgage crisis. even some democrats say this isn't the same for change. >> my position is, given the fragility of the economy, all the bush tax cuts should be extended temporarily. >> reporter: 31 house democrats sent their leadership a letter asking f
Sep 16, 2010 5:30am EDT
american people didn't send us here to just think about our jobs, they sent us here to think about theirs. >> reporter: the president wants families making less than $250,000 a year to keep those tax cuts. those making more, to lose them. republican leaders say everyone needs the break. >> extends all the current tax rates. raising taxes on anyone, especially small businesses is the wrong prescription for or ailing economy. >> reporter: the unemployment rate stands at 9.6%, including hundreds of steel workers in ohio who just found out their plans will remain idol through at least the end of the year. >> most of the men are scared, worried about their jobs. >> reporter: new foreclosure numbers out this morning from realty track show last month lenders took back more homes since the start of the mortgage crisis. some democrats say this isn't the time for change. >> my position position is that given the economy, all of the bush tax cuts should be extended temporarily. >>> 5:36 right now. they're tiny, gross, hard to find, but once you've been bitten by one, they're in and there's no stoppi
Sep 26, 2010 12:00pm PDT
washington, d.c., who worked with us to make this happen. many are here today and others in spirit. thank you all. we made it. the grand central station of the west coast is starting construction. [applause] thank you. now, i would like to introduce our first speaker, the chairman of our board, nathaniel ford. he serves as the chair of the transbay joint powers authority and the executive director of the municipal transportation agency. he also sits on the caltrain board of directors. he has been a strong supporter of the project since its arrival, and we are deeply grateful for his leadership and guidance. chairman ford. [applause] >> thank you, maria. good morning, everyone. today is a great day, and we thank you for coming to our ceremony. i say our ceremony because it took all of us to pull this together, all of our hard work. those of you who contributed over the decade, a long effort to end at today culminating in a groundbreaking for our new transit center. there are many people that we should mention today and give a little bit of perspective in terms of how we got here, in
Sep 11, 2010 9:30am EDT
comfort us because today we still weep for those we lost here and in new york and in somerset county. today we still honor them, we honor them with our presence ard ceainly with this memorial. mostly we honor them with our lives, with what we have done from that day to this, the sacrifices we have borne, the laughter we have shared, the hope we have dared to let back into our hearts. unspeakable carnage was visited upon us here, but it did not conquer us. unimaginable also is here but it did not finish us. ralph waldo emerson reminds us es behind you and what lies in front of you pails in comparison to what lies inside of you. so here, now, let us weep for what lies behind us, let us honor what lies front of us, but let us remember always what lies inside of us. please join me now in a moment of silence and remembrance. >> thank you. ladies and gentlemen, the secretary of defense, robert m. gates. >> mr. president, distinguished visitors, friends and family members, thank you for being here. nine years ago today on a day much like this the calm of a clear september morning was shatte
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 7,006 (some duplicates have been removed)